Laguna Azul Varadero Reviews from Iberostar site

Reviews of Iberostar Laguna Azul Varadero from Iberostars main site

Monica Nienhaus says: about 1 month

   Iberostar Parque Central was great except the room was old. Iberostar Laguna Azul was awful-no toilet seats, no toilet paper, lack of staff, etc.”

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Matthew Mark Mayer says: about 1 month

“Service staff was horrible at demanding tips BEFORE service was provided. We travelled with a large group of 18 people – out of 9 rooms, ALL of them had at least 2 broken/disrepaired things wrong with the room. Beach towel service was horrible – not a single person in our group was able to exchange their beach towel beacause we kept being told that new/clean towels were not available. “All-inclusive” alcohol was denied by most bar tenders after hours unless large sums of pesos were offered.”

Rating: 2,0

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Christiane Levesque says: about 1 month.

“Hotel overweight, lack of privacy . Employees do not smile easily and the buffet has the same menu every day . The palapas on the beach are damaged and nonexistent at the pool.”

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Martin Lockwood says: about 1 month

For a five star hotel I expected a little better experience

“We paid extra for a room upgrade and were a little disappointed with the room, toilet seat broken and was never repaired, no iron until our 5th day even after it was reported twice, shower had very little water pressure and most days water was cold, in general the towels were very worn and stained, beach towels were never available for exchange in our whole stay The ala carte restaurants were fully booked when we tried to book on our second day there which was very disappointing as we were unable to use them at all Disappointed with two single beds expected two double or a king, half way through our stay the screen door was taken away for some reason”

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Michelle Azubuike says: about 1 month

“I would like to add the following: Arrived at 10:45 a.m. got room at 4:00 p.m. No toilet Seat Fan sounded like a rusty wheel and the air conditioner like a motor boat!! T.V. remote didn’t work Bed was like a rock Closet door fell of the track! One night There was no rum available at the Grill Bar (24 hour bar)!! That’s really bad, no rum in Cuba!! Could only get one Ala Cart reservation for a 7 day stay in the Cuban restaurant , could not get Japanese or Italian! Used same towels for 3 days, no clean towels available. I am not sure what else to say!! The above things are just not O.K. when you are advertising as a 4.5 star hotel

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Stephanie Andrea Turner says: about 1 month
Fun but staff unfriendly and no wifi cards

“Buffet food is terrible Staff looks incredibly unhappy and have no interest in being there In comparison to other hotels in Cuba this hotel is very good, but in comparison to other Iberostar hotels its the worst i’ve been in. Hotel could invest in upgrading the rooms and motivating the staff a bit more cause it ruins the guests experience We had to go to other hotels to get wifi cards because the staff said they didn’t receive any.”

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Dan says: “The hotel room was dirty and in need of updating. My wife and son caught ringworm…” – See more at:


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